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Raise Your Hand Initiative

Project Purpose and Overview


The purpose of the Raise Your Hand Initiative is to provide support to parents of children returning to school during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This project was initiated in 2021 by Parent Body President, Deacon John Mills.


In the Raise Your Hand Initiative, GBDA members who are also educators share tips/strategies that parents can use to help their children navigate through school after a year of attending school on-line. The project is intended to help/support parents, grandparents, and other guardians who are helping their children, particularly their teens, to be successful in school as they return to in-person learning. Assistance is provided through training sessions and on-line resource materials.

Click the links below to download resources related to the Raise Your Hand Initaitive.

Raise Your Hand Initaitive - Project Purpose and Overview
Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Presentation by Keisha-Ann Thompson, July 31, 2021
Raise Your Hand Initaitive: Helping our Children Find Success in School. A parent resource guide.
VIDEO: "My Home, My Classroom" by Dr. Esther Mills 
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